Friday, December 19, 2008

SDP and Housing Policy

In a market economy, products and services are generated according to demand and supply. Likewise, houses should be built to tailor for demand - demand from citizens. However, SDP is attempting to create a hoo-ha over the recent government's decision to increase the number of smaller flats.

SDP's argument:
  • "Singaporeans are getting poorer."
  • "as we progress forward in time with the PAP, we progress backward in our fortunes."
  • "if all this is took place during the "boom years" between 2003 and 2007, just imagine what's in store when we enter the economic maelstrom next year."
Logical Thinking:
  • The rise in demand for smaller flats is due to many factors such as more elderly living by themselves and the trend towards nuclear families rather than big families living together.

  • While there are poverty cases in Singapore, Singapore still boasts a low poverty level compared to other developed countries. Can SDP give an example of a country with zero poverty level? Can SDP cite a country with decreasing poverty level as the country gets more developed?

  • Even as we "boom" in our economy, we are still facing various societal issues which are inherent in a globalised island. SDP just adds the gloom to Singapore's future. Can SDP show that all the progress made before the impending economic crisis is virtual?
In conclusion, SDP ended its article on housing with an advertisement of Dr Chee's book. How sincere...

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