Saturday, November 1, 2008

SDP's Enlightening Video

Contributed by Reader

In this video below, the TBT 18 16 (2 down) protestors try to "enlighten" us with their good reasons for protesting and breaking "unjust" laws.

One of them, Seelan Palay, said, "my position has always been that, as a human being, I feel that I am free as a social animal, to gather wherever I want, to speak wherever I want, as long as I do not harm someone else."

I guess all laws that do not harm other people should be abolished, such as jaywalking, chewing gum, buying contraband cigarettes, smuggling pirated VCDs. All these do not harm other people.

Another, John Tan, said he protested because "we don't have real democracy here in Singapore" and "no basic human rights". He gave examples like "right to speak", "right to respond to the government", "right to criticize".

It seems the TBT 16 still do not understand what has gone wrong and why they are charged. No wonder they did what they did. Maybe the only 2 who knew pleaded guilty.

The protestors were not charged for gathering. They were charged because they gathered at places where they are not allowed to gather. Not every place are you allowed to gather. For eg. a group of men are not allowed to gather in the ladies toilet.

What had it to do with freedom of speech when they were not charged for speaking at a public place, nor did they say a word during the protest.

People gather everywhere everyday. Why do the police not arrest all of them?

Because the SDP's was not a normal gathering as they claimed. One of their protestors tried to argue along this line, but do they really think it was normal for people to wear the same t-shirts and carry placards? If so, why did they publicize it? Do people who normally gather at bus stops publicize their presence at bus stops? Obviously it was not just a gathering. It was meant to be a law breaking activity.

No right to speak? No right to respond to the government? No right to criticize? Now we know they're living in a different planet from the rest of us, and the hundreds of letter writers to the press daily.


  1. Only SDP has the balls to protest,other singaporeans are chickens and lame duck, they just let the govt manipulate them.Keep it up SDP.

  2. So SDP does things differently from Singaporeans. No wonder they cannot win Singaporeans' votes.

  3. Has it occurred to you that Singaporeans don't protest because they don't want to not because they don't dare to?

    The bravest men die for their cause. Gandhi nearly died fasting. Would the SDP protestors die for their cause? Tell them to do a suicidal protest like Gandhi. If not please don't talk about 'brave'.

  4. Ha ha, surprised that you classify "pirated VCD" as not harming other people.

    If you have a bird brain, just shut up. Nobody will know until you open your mouth!

  5. How will pirated VCD harm the people?


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