Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Enlightening SDP Video

Contributed by Reader

On day five of the TBT 16 trial, the SDP made another "enlightening" video to share with all of us. We thank the SDP for their "enlightenment".

Sylvester Lim, the first to be interviewed in the video, seems to have been bought into singing the same "freedom of speech" tune like the rest. He said "the government sees fit to charge me as a Singaporean to exercise my right to speak up". Tell us which of your charges involved speaking up, Mr Lim.

We can agree that the cost of living is high and the government can do more. But in a typical fashion of the SDP, he exaggerated the situation by saying that "Singaporeans can't make ends meet".

When you say "Singaporeans", people will take it that you mean most Singaporeans. True, some Singaporeans cannot make ends meet and that happens in every country, but what about the rest? If most people were really in a bad shape, the SDP is a failure to have only 18 people protesting.

Another exaggeration was this: he said the TBT 16 "can't afford to eat outside" due to the court trials, and their supporters had to provide lunch for them. We may remember the lavish Hawaiian celebration they had which will easily cost the SDP enough to provide meals for the entire trial.

Next up was Jufri Salim. He said "in other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong, we've seen some similar protests happen but in Singapore, it is otherwise..... we have been charged right now"

What does it mean by "otherwise"? Does it mean there are no protests in Singapore? Or the countries he mentioned could have protests without people getting charged?

He cannot have forgotten how the Hindraf in Malaysia was disbanded and their members arrested under ISA, or how Indonesian protestors clash with the police and arrests are seen nearly every day. In HK case, police arrested protestors in Disneyland last year. Guess what? Only 2 of them were involved.


  1. Wake up lah! Compare what you have been "made" to believe.


    ? Use your brain ? Can?

  2. YOU use YOUR brain!....if you had any at all! what has transport got to do with this SDP crap??

  3. Bird brains like you ought to be deceived forever, that you are living in a first world "dmocratic" country and that you are always valued as citizen first and foremost, and a good govt must be paid millions to avoid corruptions. Keep on dreaming, birdie...


  4. Just because someone don't support SDP means he support PAP? Both are crappy, both are the SAME! Full of propaganda shits!!

  5. Got balls to vote the "Crappy PAP" out? Dun say say only hor ...

  6. I never voted PAP in my life. I will vote any party against PAP. WP, NSP, SDA. If SDP comes I will spoil my vote.


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