Monday, March 14, 2016

Taxi Uncle: Chee Soon Juan is 有头没脑, 头脑生草

A Singaporean had a conversation with a Taxi Driver on the looming by-election at Bukit Batok SMC:

In his conversation, the Taxi Driver said, "He (Chee) is too emotional and impulsive. That time he went to ask Goh Chok Tong about the billions of dollars lent to Indonesia. Did he have evidence? And to think he is a professor. He is really 有头没脑 (got head no brains)...头脑生草 (grass grow on the hair)." He was referring to an incident in GE 2001 when Chee heckled then-PM Goh Chok Tong in public.

For 6 months since GE2015, Chee Soon Juan and his SDP had not carried out any visits to the constituencies that they have campaigned vigorously to represent during the 9 days of campaigning.

It took the resignation of PAP MP David Ong, which resulted in PM calling for By-election, to trigger the opportunist party to restart their party activities. I truly hope Bukit Batok residents will be able to discern a candidate's and his party's sincerity level.

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